In addition to offering programs for youth and educators, IAHV offers a program for parents called the YES! Parent Program. The YES! Parent Program is a 10-hour seminar that provides parents with healthy strategies to deal with stress and emotions.

Similar to the IAHV Educator’s Course, this seminar introduces parents to the YES! for Schools curriculum. In addition to providing parents with a personal benefit, this introduction to the concepts, language and breathing techniques their child learns on YES! enables them to support their child in making healthy choices when faced with everyday challenges.

The YES! Parent Program also includes discussions that are customized to suit the specific needs of a parent, offering practical knowledge on how to handle difficult situations and resolve conflict, and practical tools to encourage enthusiasm and responsibility in young people. As a result of the seminar many parents find their relationship with their child improves.


This course has had an immense benefit for my child. Three years ago he had cranial trauma and since then we have tried doctor, neurologist, psychologist, psychiatrist but this course has had a much bigger positive impact than any other form of treatment. It has improved his self esteem which was quite the opposite of what he experienced when he went through physical therapy. Therefore we would like my son and his friends to relive this enriching experience with the YES! teacher. It does not matter where a child is, small or big, traumatized or not, medicated or not, handicapped or not, hyperactive or not, rejected or not, facing family difficulties or not – this course gives children the chance to go within themselves without judgement or competition and meet themselves.
I request that this course be implemented in all classes once a week at the same level as physical education, because internal needs are as important, if not more, as external needs.

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