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  • The YES program has made a significant change in my life. Before, I would go to school grumpy and upset due to things that had occurred the day before. I wouldn’t do well in school and I’d lash out at people for no reason. After I took the YES program, I used the breathing techniques they taught me to calm myself down. I no longer was grumpy and upset, but jolly and friendly. I gained many friends through the YES program and even my grades are higher. Everyone in the YES program was supportive and caring toward me and the other students. It was a great experience and I will never forget it nor the people in it.

    Melissa, ONT
  • I enjoyed the course because I learned how to control my anger. I learned that by nature I am non-violent and that violence is not needed to survive. I also learned to socialize better and about five factors that will help me in my journey through life. Thanks!

    Nelson, 16, ONT
  • i think I learned a lot this week. All of the lessons make sense and can help me make life a smoother ride, but the challenge of applying them starts now. I have always been a person who worries too much about what others think…the exercises and discussions we experienced this week will give me some more strength and confidence to face the many challenges I will soon face in the approaching year of college.

  • I have learned how to relieve my stress in a very non-violent way. I have learned how to be calmer and not get as excited as I used to over small things.

    Devon, Chicago
  • My overall experience wasn’t just good, it was actually great. I enjoyed YES! a lot and I didn’t think I would, I just sort of thought it would be mediocre, but I got so much out of it. I think it improved me as a person; my character and my outlook on life. Before I was a little less sure of myself but now I feel more full. After the breathing I felt calm, like there were no more waves in the water. I liked how we talked about a lot of things, like a lot of the problems we face in everyday life, it touched really deep I guess and I wasn’t expecting it to. I would recommend this to probably everyone I know because all of them have problems that are just like mine, it would help so many people… I’m really grateful for this opportunity.

    Demetra Powell
  • It helped me to breathe better and I haven’t needed my asthma pump. I feel fortunate that I can to take this course because now I can practice yoga on my own and have the privilege of knowing how to calm myself whenever I get upset, etc.

    Mack, 17, ONT
  • I think everyone should do the YES! Course because the Practices change you and really develops you. I noticed this whole week that I was in a better mood. I was happy and relaxed. And the course is fun! I feel like a different person and I learned so much!

    Hannah, 15, ONT
  • YES! Has interesting and deep points about how to live life happily. The breathing exercises help me to feel much more energetic and happy. I am waking up earlier and I don’t feel like sleeping 24/7! I feel very good as if I am a better person. YES! Should stand for Young Exceptional Students!

    Olivia, 15, BC
  • YES! Is really great! I liked meeting new people and having discussions about real life things we [as teens] need advice on. The breathing exercises made me more aware of my breath and helped me with my asthma. The course is a place where you can learn the art of living and the relation of breath to life.

    Claudia, 13, ONT
  • After I took the YES! program I started doing the breathing techniques and suddenly my ISAT score went up. I got into the 90s and that is really hard to do. Most of my thoughts that are distracting just go away the second I start the breathing and I can just focus on the test ahead.

  • I am proud to say that the YES program has made a HUGE difference in my life! When I experienced the YES program for the first time, I was amazed! I let go of emotions I had kept bottled up inside. My attitude toward people in school changed. I learned to appreciate people whom before I used to take for granted. It brought my best friend (who took the course too) and I closer together. What I enjoyed the most was the support I received from the YES instructors and new friendships made. The YES program was an amazing experience that I will always carry in my heart.

    Liz, CA
  • I like that we do these type of yoga things and it calms our mind because as high school students we have a lot of stress on our hands, but with this class we can relax and calm down and when we go home we can do our homework and everything with a clear mind and not worry about anything.

    Student, ONT
  • I can honestly say that this course was one of the best experiences of my life up until now. When I left each session I felt so much better about myself. I felt like I can get through any test, problem or obstacle and my self-esteem was certainly uplifted. Overall the breathing seminar has given me something that I can use for the rest of my life. I would most definitely recommend the class to anyone, especially my peers. These days every day there seems to be something contributing to our level of stress and it seems impossible to relieve. The people who take this class are the lucky ones and the ones who will always be ahead of the game in school and in life in general.

    Sajma, 16, BC
  • What I enjoyed about the course was that I learned to relax. It was an opportunity to get away from my usual environment, meet new people, play games, breathe. All in all I enjoyed being able to be myself! Thank you!

    Mallika, 17, NYC
  • Before I came here I was really stressed out. Little things made me angry. I learned to get rid of the anger and free my mind from all the clutter. If I get angry I just do the breathing and it makes me feel better.

    Matt, California

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