IAHV Canada’s mission is to foster a resurgence of human values in all sectors of society throughout the world.  These values include a deep respect and reverence for all life, and a deep and genuine appreciation for cultural, racial, and religious differences.

A society of justice, harmony and well-being requires the eradication of hatred in the hearts of all people, and a flourishing of human values. Such values must arise naturally and spontaneously within the hearts of each individual.

The International Association for Human Values, Canada offers a number of unique educational programs that target the re-awakening of human values within every individual – values that define our very human-ness and that are in fact innate in every human being.


A global strategy to achieve peace, harmony and well-being throughout the world must include the fostering of human values and a new sense of belonging among all peoples, particularly among youth.

Human values are those attitudes, attributes, beliefs and behaviours that are innate in the human spirit.  They include:

  • a deep caring for all life;
  • non-violence
  • compassion
  • friendliness and cooperation
  • generosity and sharing
  • a sense of belonging and oneness with all life
  • an “eco-friendly” attitude and caring for the planet
  • service to society
  • peace, contentment, and enthusiasm
  • integrity, honesty and sincerity

The incorporation of human values into all aspects of life will ultimately lead to a more peaceful, just and sustainable world.


IAHV Canada advances its mission through human development programs, socioeconomic development projects and dialogue forums.

It presently has six main educational initiatives targeting different sectors of society:

  • Ethics in Business (Transformational Leadership for Excellence)
  •  Youth Empowerment (YES! For Schools – Youth Empowerment and Skills)
  • Community Development (5H Program)
  • Prisoner Rehabilitation (Prison SMART – Stress Management and Rehabilitation Training)
  • Returning Veterans / PTSD (Project Welcome Home Troops)
  • Sustainable Agriculture (Deepening Roots)

Founded in Geneva in 1997, IAHV works in special consultative status with the Economic Social and Cultural Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations, and participates in a variety of committees and activities related to health and conflict resolution. IAHV (USA) was awarded the Independent Charities Seal of Excellence, for demonstrating the highest standards of public accountability, program effectiveness, and cost effectiveness.


The International Association for Human Values, Canada (IAHV Canada) is a charitable organization, duly registered with the Canada Revenue Agency.

All charitable donations to IAHV Canada are fully tax deductible in Canada, and charitable donation receipts are issued for tax purposes.

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